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Universal Brake Fluid Tester Pen
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Duracell AAA4
AAA Alkaline Battery x4

BRAKE TEST 1 | Universal Brake Fluid Tester Pen

This Brake Fluid Tester Pen measures the conductivity of the blake fluid to calculate the moisture content.

It shows clearly the extent of moisture contained with it's LED indicator lights.
High moisture content will lead to lower boiling point and therefore affect braking performance.

Green represents good condition.
Yellow indicates the state is acceptable, but should be replaced soon.
Red indicates the brake fluid needs immediate replacement.

• Easily check the condition of a vehicles brake fluid
• 5 LED Status Indicators
• Auto Power Off
• Battery Operated
• Requires 1x AAA (not included)

• Press button to turn on. Green LED will show.
• Insert tester tip into brake fluid reservior for 1 second
• Match LED indication status to below conditions

LED Conditions:
• Green:                                        Brake Fluid contains 0% water                 (BEST)
• Green/Yellow:                             Brake Fluid contains less than 1% water  (ACCEPTABLE)
• Green/Yellow/Yellow:                  Brake Fluid contains about 2% water       (REPLACE SOON)
• Green/Yellow/Yellow/Red:          Brake Fluid contains about 3% water        (REPLACE)
• Green/Yellow/Yellow/Red/Red:   Brake Fluid contains at least 4% water     (REPLACE IMMEDIATELY)
• Red Flashing                              Replace Tester Battery

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